Mit den erwirtschafteten Gewinnen des Weltladens unterstützt der Verein für Eine Welt regelmäßig Projekte in Entwicklungsländern.


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Die Menschen
in den Entwicklungsländern
sollen spüren,
wie wichtig es uns ist,
dass es ihnen gut geht.

Dear Anni, Bernhard, Peter, Gabi, Marlene, Judith, Christiana, Susanne, Andrea, Thea, Anneluise, Petra and all our customers and friends of WELTLADEN EISENSTADT


Many thanks for the kindness and generosity that you and your team and customers have shown to the victims of the great typhoon.

Its wonderful that you have chosen to send the donation to Freundeskreis, this is a association set up and managed by former German volunteers who served at Preda and they want to continue and extend their commitment and dedication to the needy children and poor farmers of the Philippines. They are al volunteers and there are NO overhead or administration charges or deductions or salaries of any kind to be taken from your donation. Every Euro will be spent for the  the victims of the typhoon.

We here are very  busy and active in the provinces devastated by the typhoon. Anneluise is presently visiting the small farmer groups of the Preda fair trade in Mindanao this week and will go to Tacloban and  visiting the  survivors of the typhoon and see the help that we can give to them. Your donation will be well used to help the children in greatest need.  Thank you for bringing happiness to the  these unfortunate people .Your  love and solidarity is inspiring to all.


Every blessing to all of you.

father Shay

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