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The visit to Preda of Anneluise Kämmerer and Petra Geiger-Kletzl

The Longest serving Austrian fair trade shop owner and volunteer to Preda Fair Trade projects is Anneluise Kämmerer. She returned to the Preda Foundation and the fair trade mango project for her eight visit this year. She stayed for three months and was joined in May by her shop manager Petra Geiger-Kletzl from WELTLADEN Eisenstadt, Austria. They brought generous donations for the children in the Preda children’s homes and for the buying of mango saplings for planting with the Aeta farmers. They helped plant saplings themselves. The trees will grow and live on in their memory among the Villages.

They visited the Preda homes for children and many Aeta villages. They were active everyday and planted mango saplings with the indigenous people, distributed gifts of school supplies and joined in all the activities of Preda and the mango harvesting. They worked alongside father Shay in helping the children and the farmers as dedicated volunteers and great friends of Fr. Shay and Preda. They travelled to Cebu, to visit the boy’s home in Liloan and went to the Profood mango processing factory in Cebu to see how the Preda Fair Trade mangos are dried and packaged.

Then they went on to Davao and met many Preda farmers there they shared the Preda dividend payments to the farmers with Preda Staff Donard Angeles. It was wonderful volunteering and they are missed as they have returned to Austria to continue the great work of supporting the people and the Preda children through Fairtrade.